How do you know that The Human Odyssey is for you?

The Human Odyssey is a journey both ancient and modern.  It has called to many people, from many cultures, for as long as human beings have been alive. It has many names and is embodied in many traditions, practices and religions.

  • You may want to define and resource your own conscious journey toward the quality that can come only from your entry into the sacred marriage - the union of spirit and matter.
  • You may feel the urge to evolve – aspiration and dissatisfaction: At times, you may be aware that your life does not provide you with the sustenance you need.  You begin to feel dissatisfied and restless.  Eventually it expresses as a conscious search for true quality in life.
  • You may need a traveller’s guide to the signposts that will help you to move from dissatisfaction, through aspiration, to the focussed exploration that will enable you to participate purposefully in your own work of transformation. 
  • You may have many questions about the world around you and the major challenges we face as a people and a planet.  The usual political and social analysis may not provide an answer that is complete enough.
  • You may be on a quest for true Quality. You may experience it as a wish for a soul mate or dissatisfaction with what your loved ones can provide.  It can show up as a search for meaning and purpose in your work or in life.  Perhaps you want deeper, more permanent resolutions to the difficulties you face.

The Human Odyssey – A Map for the Journey, provides you with Seven Pathways for achieving these aspirations.