Group Programs

 1. Seven Pathways for Conscious Living

Objectives of the Program

The primary focus of this group program, is to learn about, and share the key ingredients for living life with awareness, joy and purpose, as union with the essential Self unfolds.  In the Introduction and the Seven Pathways that follow, we explore each stage of the journey towards union with the Self.  The Seven Pathways will assist you to navigate your way through these stages.  It will help you to make meaning of the path you have already travelled and to gather resources and capabilities for your life now and for the challenges to come. It includes opportunities for you to: 

  • apply the key principles and strategies to your own life
  • develop further and share your own frameworks for making meaning of life and for living well
  • share with others your experience of the journey so far and your aspirations for the future

2. The Art of Mindfulness

The practice of Mindfulness allows us to live well in the midst of all that life brings to us: love, joy, mystery, adventure, fear, pain, anger and sadness.

3. Short Courses

These are stand-alone, half day, one day or one term programs designed around a particular theme. They do not require any other familiarity with the work of the Human Odyssey.


Workshops are informal, experiential and utilise the personal experience, interests, wisdom and concerns of participants.  Note that there is no requirement for belief in any religion, philosophy or ideology, or indeed for belief in anything which may be discussed in the program. It is your individual and personal discernment as to the relevance and truth of the work that is the measure of its value to you.  However, there does need to be enough common ground to make the work mutually enlivening and productive.

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Short courses, seminars and one-off workshops

The Art of Mindfulness

Individual programs