The Art of Mindfulness

Knowledge and Skills for turning Aspiration into Action — Suffering into Freedom

The practice of Mindfulness allows us to live well in the midst of all that life brings to us: love, joy, mystery, adventure, fear, pain, anger and sadness.

Mindfulness brings us into the present moment and enables us to have a direct experience of life, instead of living among all the stories and concepts the mind generates. With Mindfulness, we release ourselves from bondage to negative patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour and we take committed action towards our vision and values.  The greater our freedom of choice and the more we align ourselves with what really matters to us, the more complete is our sense of satisfaction and wellbeing.

As we live more joyfully and creatively, with greater awareness and purpose, our sphere of influence expands and our capacity to contribute constructively to the harmonising of society and the enrichment of the human race increases.

The program will assist you to:

  • acquire the knowledge and skills of Mindfulness through practice and review
  • identify  and align with your vision, values and fields of creative activity
  • identify and commit to the practical action that will lead you towards your vision and values
  • investigate your own challenges to Mindfulness and the patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour that block your committed action and that impede your sense of wellbeing
  • share with others your experience of the Mindfulness journey so far and your aspirations for the future


 22 Glenmorgan St., East Brunswick 3057 Ph. 03 9386 851


The program is structured around the Mindfulness processes articulated by ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training).  Workshops are informal and experiential and utilise the personal experience, interests, wisdom and concerns of participants.  Note that there is no requirement for belief in any religion, philosophy or ideology, or indeed for belief in anything which may be discussed in the program. Your individual and personal discernment as to the relevance and truth of the work is the measure of its value to you.


Facilitators: Nicky McCartney and Magi Whisson

We are experienced facilitators who have been designing and running group programs in the areas of personal, spiritual and organisational development for many years.  Each of us has been influenced by a range of traditions, philosophies and theories, including Mindfulness approaches and frameworks. We have worked independently and in collaboration with one another, bringing the esoteric sciences to the worlds of healing, writing, publishing, editing, group and individual programs.

In the wider context, sources include the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, which draw on the common and inter-weaving themes of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, Theosophy and the work of the Tibetan Monk, Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey. Other influences include Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, Jungian psychology, Roberto Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis, the Psychodrama theory and method of J.L. Moreno, the work of Viktor Frankl, Rumi, Rilke, TS Eliot, and many other poets, philosophers and esotericists.

We do not claim any of these as our path, but respectfully acknowledge their contribution to the one we have carved for ourselves, separately and together.


Three terms of seven forthnightly workshops.

New members may join during the year.

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Short courses, seminars and one-off workshops

Group courses for ongoing study

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