Who participates?

Who participates in the Human Odyssey?

Participants have many different backgrounds, types of work and education. 

However all

  • are interested in exploring and sharing their own lives and those of others
  • want to be conscious co-creators of their lives and of Life
  • value the quality in life, not just the things of life

 They may also

  • be seekers of insight and awareness as to the meaning and purpose of Life and of the place of humanity within it.
  • be aware of an inner potential in themselves and who are seeking to express it in ways that serve a higher purpose and a wider community than the personal.
  • seek a spiritualised place of service in the world.
  • seek union with soul or spirit.
  • want a rich psycho-spiritual framework for making everyday decisions, solving everyday problems and taking action in the world
  • be involved in the arts or creative projects and seeking to explore the spiritual dynamic within their work and which underpins all acts of creation.

What is The Human Odyssey?

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