Being a participant in Human Odyssey for the past four years has enabled me to discover parts of myself that I didn't know or remember. Human Odyssey offers a continuing challenge to growth in the intellectual, psychological, emotional, moral and spiritual arenas, in the grappling with new ideas, a reframing of familiar ones and the deeper encounter with my own self and the other members of the group.

Human Odyssey provides a very comprehensive framework for making sense of life's experiences and challenges to growth. Participants are free to absorb what they can and grasp what is offered at their own level and in their own way. The use of art in its various forms, whether poetry, visual imagery or symbolic objects, enriches the experience and touches me at many levels.

The group discussion and exercises offer a stimulating and practical means to ground the theory in the life experiences of the participants. The combination of ideas with the practical work, in the hands of wise leaders has been endlessly fascinating and a valuable stimulus to my own development. I intend to keep using what I have learnt at Human Odyssey for the rest of my life.


The Human Odyssey has enriched my life by giving me greater knowledge about myself and the ways I relate with other people and in the world. It's been a very useful template for group discussions about the issues that affect our lives. I have learnt and grown a great deal as a result of my experience in the Human Odyssey group.


I have been both student and friend of Nicky for many years. As I watched the Human Odyssey get birthed I knew it would be an extraordinary piece of work. Over the years I have watched it grow and grow and I was not wrong.

As well as being privileged to learn about the concepts and principals of the Human Odyssey informally over the years I recently undertook some studies on the maps and their application. My regard was further reinforced as to the huge Metaphysical contribution Human Odyssey has on the body of knowledge that is of universal significance.

As a workshop facilitator, counsellor and healer, I know my own body of knowledge has been greatly impacted by the Human Odyssey teachings and visions.

Thank you Nicky, Magi and the team for undertaking this masterful work. Blessings Nadine.



I think it is quite hard to find pathways into cohesive spiritual wisdoms lead by trustworthy guides. This kind of material is such a rich labyrinth that it needs trustworthy guides with bright spotlights and warm hearts. Teachers full of insight and humility before the great works they present. Magi Whisson and Nicky McCartney are such guides, and the material they present is a treasure chest offering both an understanding into large universal wisdoms as well as opportunities for personal reflection and growth.
Myself, if I could lead parallel lives, I would choose another few. One of these would be to live in an ashram with wise teachers and practices. For me investing in the Human Odyssey let me live a way into in this parallel life. Nicky and Magi have spent most of their lives reading and learning and developing this work. I felt blessed to be able to have access to it and to their grace.



There's so much I'd like to say about having participated in The Human Odyssey course with Magi and Nicky.

Firstly, I appreciated the enormous skill and experience they both have. The group always felt contained and safe, which I consider to be essential elements for a learning environment. Clearly our facilitators were enormously capable, having dedicated many years to the design of the course. I found it to be a sophisticated model, containing layers and layers of deep and thoroughly researched material.

I learned a lot, and always felt supported by the group and our leaders. I can think of one particular example, where I was able to use the tools from this course.  It entailed a rather public verbal assault towards me on a tram. The person concerned clearly had some personality difficulties, and I was thankful that I had learned to find compassion for those who try to harm us, whilst maintaining our own power at the same time.  These balancing acts have been my salvation many times since.

I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in developing personally in an atmosphere of integrity and respect.


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