Seven Pathways

Maps for the Journey


the Four Worlds and Four Energies of incarnation and return

Pathways and maps for the evolution of consciousness and the realisation of the essential Self

Pathway 1: Harmony Through Conflict: Crisis, Method and Solution

Pathway 1: Harmony Through Conflict: Crisis, Method and Solution

Each stage of the journey into consciousness and union with our most essential self, presents us with a set of joys and challenges that converge eventually into a crisis. It sweeps us towards the point of emergence into our next stage of development or to the brink of disaster. It can be exciting, interesting, and rewarding; it can also be boring, frightening, or frustrating. The experience depends upon what we bring to it.

Pathway 2: Establishing Right Relationship – Principles, Practice and Law

All aspects of life are part of a web of relationship.  Each part is connected to another part.  Nothing exists as an island.  Human beings are only just beginning to realise how literal a truth that is, as we grapple to understand and reverse the destructive impact of our actions upon the earth and each other.  The spiritual journey asks us to become systems thinkers, aware not just of ourselves, but of the ‘group’.

Pathway 3: The Challenge of Consciousness: Acquisition and Relinquishment on the Path

The challenge of consciousness is a defining requirement of the evolutionary journey.  It calls us to penetrate further and further into what is real and to let go of the illusions that substitute for reality.  As each stage of consciousness is succeeded by the next, we are refined physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  This draws us ever closer to the goal of the human journey: the union of the personality with spirit.

Pathway 4: The Rays and the Initiations – Centres of Force in the Process of Enlightenment

All of us are surrounded and influenced by centres of force: the forces of family; friends; social institutions; political systems; culture; environment; belief systems; on and on.  We are one part of a system that is made up of many parts.  To be alive, is to be faced with the beauty and the torment of the group.  All aspects of this system we call Life, are infused and shaped also, by great archetypal centres of force.  In the process of Enlightenment, the most significant centres of force from a human perspective are those known as the seven rays and the seven initiations.

Pathway 5: Claiming Our Divinity – The Quest for Alignment with the Will-to-Good

The journey towards union with soul and ultimately, the God within, is restricted or bound by consciousness.  But it is consciousness also that liberates us, through the exercise of spiritual will, into that final communion.  The path is marked by ever widening expansions of consciousness, punctuated by pauses where little apparent progress is made, where ignorance or illusion have us in their grip.  But eventually, we are drawn on by the aspiration for more, for different, for better… food, money, achievement, relationships, health, knowledge, understanding, freedom, peace, fulfilment, …If we deny aspiration or fail to aspire to that which is congruent with our challenge to growth, suffering presents itself as an alternative path to consciousness.  As we act upon our aspirations towards whatever highest good we can imagine, we build capacity for the spiritual will that later, will be the means of our liberation.

Pathway 6: The Path of Occult Synthesis – Mystical and Occult Evolutions

The Mystical and Occult paths are the two broad avenues of spiritual evolution. Each reflects and shapes our spiritual identity.  While they begin in different places and enter different territory, in the end, both paths merge, to become the One Path, the Path of Synthesis.  We are drawn more to one path than the other, in accordance with:

  • the energies or Rays that qualify our personality and soul natures
  • the law of karma, which identifies what is needed for balance to be achieved
  • the evolutionary cycles that sweep us into contact with the conditions and experiences required for our development, at different points of the journey
  • the action of the first Ray, in its three aspects of purification, destruction and organization
  • the requirements of universal plan and purpose, most of which fall outside of our awareness

Pathway 7: The Destiny of Redemption – Liberation and Imprisonment on the Spiritual Path

Redemption is the process that restores to its right place within the Whole, all that has been cast out or separated. It is concerned not only with reclaiming that which is lost, but of liberating unexpressed potential from constricting form. Redemption is central to the purpose of human existence, to the evolution of the planet and to its place within the cosmos. Free will, life and death, create a ‘forcing ground’ with its gifts and necessities, which drives the redemptive process towards the unification of spirit and form.