Pathway 6: The Path of Occult Synthesis – Mystical and Occult Evolutions

The Mystical and Occult paths are the two broad avenues of spiritual evolution. Each reflects and shapes our spiritual identity.  While they begin in different places and enter different territory, in the end, both paths merge, to become the One Path, the Path of Synthesis.  We are drawn more to one path than the other, in accordance with:

  • the energies or Rays that qualify our personality and soul natures
  • the law of karma, which identifies what is needed for balance to be achieved
  • the evolutionary cycles that sweep us into contact with the conditions and experiences required for our development, at different points of the journey
  • the action of the first Ray, in its three aspects of purification, destruction and organization
  • the requirements of universal plan and purpose, most of which fall outside of our awareness

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The Mystical Path

The Mystical Path seeks communion with an ultimate reality, divinity, or spiritual truth.  It does this through direct experience, intuition, or insight.  Its method is that of purification and organisation.  It does this by focussing on practices that nurture union and excludes all that would hinder progress to that goal. It demands direct encounter and ultimately, fusion with Spirit. Meditation without content, is central here.  It is guided in this process by love-wisdom. 

The Occult Path

The Occult path seeks to build a bridge between the personality and the soul and then between the personality and the Monad. Its method is destruction and organization.  It does this by utilising the power of mind, at first through the intellect and reason, then via the abstract or higher mind. It demands direct encounter with and penetration of form, which leads ultimately, to the one Life that resides at the heart of all forms. Meditation with purposeful content, is central here.   It is guided in this process by will and purpose.

The Path of Synthesis

The path Synthesis is the path of Oneness.  It brings the mature qualities of both the Mystical and Occult Paths into a seamless whole, going forever beyond the limitations of form, but capable of and committed to serving the needs of the evolving spirit-in-form.  When the two paths begin to join, the method is that of abstraction, by means of destruction, purification and organization. When Synthesis is complete, all method gives way to Being.  The path of Synthesis demands nothing and includes everything.  It is guided in its process by Plan and Purpose, which dwells within and issues forth from the realms of Mystery.

The Path of Synthesis –Mystical and Occult Evolutions, will assist you to be more conscious of your spiritual identity and the path you walk by nature or necessity. Across two terms and in the context of your own experience, we will explore the challenges, rewards and requirements for growth within each path, including the relevant principles and laws.

The program will assist you to:

  • identify your own challenges to consciousness, fields of creativity & points of resistance within the chosen path
  • investigate and practically apply the esoteric methods for penetrating into new realisations, for integrating them and for creating from that new place
  • develop further and share your own frameworks for growth, for making meaning of life and for living well
  • share with others your experience of the journey so far and your aspirations for the future

Benefits of the Process

Mastery of the core joys and challenges of one stage of development releases us into the next stage of development with its own focus for experience and learning.  We live more joyfully and creatively, with greater awareness and purpose.  Our sphere of influence expands and our capacity to contribute constructively to the harmonising of society and the enrichment of the human race increases.

Pathway 6: The Path of Occult Synthesis – Mystical and Occult Evolutions