Pathway 5: Claiming Our Divinity – The Quest for Alignment with the Will-to-Good

The journey towards union with soul and ultimately, the God within, is restricted or bound by consciousness.  But it is consciousness also that liberates us, through the exercise of spiritual will, into that final communion.  The path is marked by ever widening expansions of consciousness, punctuated by pauses where little apparent progress is made, where ignorance or illusion have us in their grip.  But eventually, we are drawn on by the aspiration for more, for different, for better… food, money, achievement, relationships, health, knowledge, understanding, freedom, peace, fulfilment, …If we deny aspiration or fail to aspire to that which is congruent with our challenge to growth, suffering presents itself as an alternative path to consciousness.  As we act upon our aspirations towards whatever highest good we can imagine, we build capacity for the spiritual will that later, will be the means of our liberation.

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Five Stages of Consciousness

Our birth into the mass consciousness of the human race provides the first field of experience in which we are asked to expand our awareness: to break out of the grip of the dominating group mind, towards individual consciousness.  From there, in successive waves, we penetrate into broader, deeper layers of consciousness: soul consciousness (early and later phases); group consciousness; divine consciousness.

Five laws, Three Centres of Creativity

The evolution of consciousness takes place within three creative fields: human, soul and divine.  It is supported and directed by a matrix of laws, of which five are particularly relevant:  the Law of Ancient Predominating Good and the Ancient Law of Karmic Sharing which oversee the evolution of consciousness; and the laws of Karma, Affinity and Sacrifice.  These five Laws work together to support the activation of our spiritual will, which sheds, bit by bit, the veils that hide us from consciousness of our own divinity.

Claiming Our Divinity-The Quest for Alignment with the Will-to-Good, will support you in this process of unfoldmentIn four terms over twelve months and in the context of your own experience, we will explore the stages of consciousness, challenges and requirements for growth in the context of the relevant laws and fields of creativity.

The program will assist you to:

  • identify your own challenges to consciousness, fields of creativity & points of resistance
  • investigate and practically apply the esoteric methods for penetrating into new realisations, for integrating them and for creating from that new place
  • develop further and share your own frameworks for growth, for making meaning of life and for living well
  • share with others your experience of the journey so far and your aspirations for the future

Benefits of the Process

Mastery of the core joys and challenges of one stage of development releases us into the next stage of development with its own focus for experience and learning.  We live more joyfully and creatively, with greater awareness and purpose.  Our sphere of influence expands and our capacity to contribute constructively to the harmonising of society and the enrichment of the human race increases.

Pathway 5: Claiming Our Divinity – The Quest for Alignment with the Will-to-Good