The Four Energies

Each of the Seven Pathways within the Human Odyssey - A Map for the Journey, is organised around four of the great energies that shape and qualify life.  These energies are:



NB. Strictly speaking, ‘Dark’ is not an energy.  Rather, it is the field within which all life exists.  But for the purposes of the map, we have ‘domesticated’ it somewhat, so that we can use it to further define and contrast the energies of Light, Love and Power.

For a good introduction to the seven great energies that make up what are called The Seven Rays, refer to Robbins, Michael, D. Tapestry of the Gods Vols 1-2 (University of the Seven Rays, New Jersey, 1988.).  The ground-breaking source for this work is Bailey, Alice, A.  The Rays and the Initiations Vol. 5 A Treatise on the Seven Rays.  (Lucis Publishing Co., N.Y., 1960.)